Get unlimited data without usage based throttling or data cap

Get unlimited data without usage based throttling or data cap


Available Nationwide,Have fun online today!

Nationwide 4G LTE Speeds for browsing, streaming, or downloading

Speed tests

The U2C app put speed tests at your fingertips

Perform quick speed tests for both your broadband and individual device connections.


Have your friends over, stress free

Forget about complicated setups.Just create a separate secure guest network with its own deadline and password.


Simplify life with schedules

Is bedtime a challenge? Set up an automatic WiFi switch-off schedule for each device. Sleep tight, everyone!


Be the master of your network domain

See what devices are connected to your network at a glance. You can even block them or pause their Internet access. Use your powers wisely.

This is technical, but also really neat.


Band steering

With the band steering function, your devices all still display the same Wi-Fi network name, but your u2c Wi-Fi modem automatically connects each one to its optimal frequency (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz) to make your web surfing experience seamless.


Automatic Wi-Fi channel optimization

Each Wi-Fi frequencies offer a wide range of channels. Your u2c Wi-Fi modem, however, automatically selects the best channel for each connected device, based on factors like the time of day and potential interference from other networks.

94%. That makes a lot of smiles.

That’s the percentage of current U2C Home Internet members who report being happy with their service.Which is not a surprise knowing that U2C Home Internet is powered by an established, high-performance residential Internet connection.

You too will smile as you surf, download and stream.

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You’re in good hands.

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