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Qualify for a New Tablet with monthly Internet at no cost to you
Your household may be eligible to Receive our U2 Connect Now New Tablet with
monthly high speed internet service. * for $0/month on your complimentary
tablet for only $10.01.
  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • In-home WiFi service available
  • Cancel anytime, without penalty


Qualify for a New Tablet with monthly Internet at no cost to you

Your household may be eligible to Receive our U2 Connect Now New Tablet with monthly high speed internet service. * for $0/month on your complimentary tablet for only $10.01.
No contracts, No hidden fees, In-home WiFi service available, Cancel anytime, without penalty

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Check that you qualify to receive a monthly credit with the Affordable Connectivity Program.


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Eligible households can apply to save on a new or existing Internet plan at any point during the program.


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Receive your Tablet & Service Get your tablet with connected serviced delivered straight to your door .

How To Qualify

You can qualify for Lifeline and/or ACP through participation in government benefit programs such as:
  • SNAP
  • WIC
  • Medicaid
  • SSI
  • Federal Public Housing
  • Assistance
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension

Frequently Asked Questions

ACP is designed to help lower-income households connect to the Internet and stay connected. The Program provides eligible customers of participating broadband providers up to a $30/month ($75/month for Tribal lands) credit toward Internet and mobile services for the duration of the program. It will last for as long as the Federal Government funds the Program, which is expected to be several years. The amount of the credit depends on the rate for the services selected.
The Program will last for as long as the Federal Government provides funding which is expected to be for several years. Enrolled customers will be notified at least 30 days before the Program ends. You will be eligible for an ACP credit for so long as you continue to qualify for the Program and you may be required to periodically confirm your continued eligibility.
A household is eligible if the entire household income is at or below twice the federal poverty level (for example, $55,500/year for a family of four, $27,180/year for an individual) or if any member of the household meets at least one of the following criteria: Qualifies for the federal Lifeline program, including: Medicaid SNAP Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Federal Public Housing Assistance Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit Tribal Programs for Residents for Qualifying Tribal Lands Receives benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch program or the school breakfast program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision Has an income that is at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines Received a federal Pell Grant in the current award year In order to confirm your eligibility for ACP, we will have to share certain qualifying information about you with the Federal Government.
ACP applies to monthly charges for U2 Connect Internet service . Qualified households will receive a total credit of up to $30/month towards these services or up to $75/month for qualified households within Tribal lands. The amount of the credit depends on the rate for the services selected. If you have both U2Connect Internet and U2Connect Mobile services, the ACP benefit will first be applied to the Internet portion of your bill. Any remaining ACP benefit will be applied to U2Connect Mobile services.
Once you’re connected to Internet service and enrolled in ACP through U2Connect, no further action is required to apply any remaining credit to your U2Connect Mobile service. The ACP credit will be applied first toward your Internet service . Then, if any portion of the ACP credit remains, it will be automatically applied to your U2Connect Mobile data usage and/or service fees and will be reflected on your U2Connect Mobile bill. What if I want to enroll in the U2 Connect Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)? When will the ACP credit appear on my bill? Are there any U2Connect Internet or mobile services that are NOT eligible for ACP? Is there anything that would cause U2Connect to de-enroll

To use ACP benefits with U2 Connect Internet, follow a few simple steps:

  • 1. Get approved
    Complete your application process at to see if you qualify for ACP if you prefer to speak to a representative please call +1-844 -679-0909 and get your unique National Verifier ID
  • 2. Sign up
    Sign up for U2Connect ACP internet plan. (Our system automatically enrolls you)
  • 3. Complete enrollment
    Complete Enrollment With the U2Connect platform you will know immediately if you are Approved.

Once successfully enrolled your ACP benefit will be automatically connected to your new tablet and sent to you in the mail.

Note that if you do not use your monthly Internet provided by the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) at least once per month the program will automatically discontinue your service.

4. Receive your Tablet and enjoy free monthly Internet.

Once you receive confirmation of your enrollment, you could see the ACP credit on your very next bill. However, depending on when you enroll, the credit may not appear until your second bill after enrollment.

The ACP credit cannot be used for unlimited Internet data plans, Internet data overage charges, 7-day refills or purchase of the modem for U2Connect Prepaid Internet service, U2Connect Mobile device payments, U2Connect Mobile Protection Plan, taxes and fees, or any non-Internet or non-mobile U2Connect products or equipment, including U2Connect TV, U2Connect Voice, and U2Connect Home.

The following types of customers cannot apply their ACP credit toward Internet service:

Customers who receive Internet service provided to them by their residential building through U2Connect Communities or U2Connect On Campus and do not have an individual U2Connect account with upgraded Internet services
Customers whose Internet account is in voluntary seasonal suspend status
Customers whose Internet Essentials service is provided through an organization or school sponsored program
Any of the above mentioned customers who qualify for ACP can enroll in ACP and apply their credit toward their U2Connect Mobile service by calling +1-844 -679-0909.

You may be de-enrolled from ACP through U2Connect for various reasons, including the following:

If you no longer meet the eligibility requirements of ACP.
If you notify another service provider that you wish to transfer your ACP benefit to them from U2Connect.
If you request to be de-enrolled from ACP through U2Connect.
If the monthly cost of your Internet service is entirely covered by the ACP benefit and you have not used the service at least once in the past 30 days.
If you are an U2Connect Prepaid Internet customer and you do not refill your 30-day service within the required time period.